Changes to Shipping Policy

Check options before your order

Due to significant disputes and shipping delays, we would like to offer more flexible terms and conditions for shipping. This will apply to all orders made starting August 9, 2021. Thank you so much for your understanding. 

Upon your order, please confirm shipping conditions as follows:

  1.  OPTION A: Ship to your own Warehouse Agent
    We gladly offer assistance to ship your items to your selected agent. We will give you $10 for each item (not including jewelry orders).
  2.  OPTION B: Pay for shipping insurance
    For an additional 10% value of your order (not including shipping), we will provide guarantee to reship your item if it gets lost or custom seize in China or in your country.
  3.  OPTION C: Do not choose to pay additional costs
    Continue to ship  with value of bag + shipping cost only. We will no longer reship items that are lost or seized by customs in China or your country. This mean you taking risk and you agree not to ask for reshipping when this happens.

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